A stiff Quarantini sounds nice

Day 5. Did I brush my teeth today? Did anyone? I did delay my shower until after lunch, so that I’d have something to look forward to while I put the kids in front of the tv and had some alone time.
Been able to get outside for a few hours a day, until today. It rained last night, and into this morning. Had a break in the weather, so we got out as a family for a walk. Sounds great, right? Now, I’ve see pictures of ‘family time’ and it consisted of walks, playing games, baking. All sorts of really nice activities together.
Our walk, however, was nothing short of a disaster. The kids picked on each other; two of the three got ‘injured’. They cried. One rolled her eyes and wondered why we forced her to leave the house with us. Mom and dad got pissed and we ended our walk short.
That pretty much sums up day 5. I’m amazed at the families that can get everyone to stop for a selfie and make everything look so harmonious and happy. Did you bribe them with popsicles like I have to? Even then, the experience still doesn’t turn out like that.

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