Introduction to…a new norm

Let me introduce myself.   Although, pretty soon I’ll be someone other than myself.  Do any of us feel like our ‘old’ selves anymore? I’m Ashley.   I’m in my mid-thirties. I’m a daughter.  I’m a sister.   I’m a wife.  Im a working mom.    I’m a mom and a bonus mom.  I’m not perfect.  I love wine, dogs, and cats.  Those things are all still true.  

What was my reasoning for starting a blog? Well, I don’t like selfies or live videos. Call me crazy, right? Not a great writer or story teller but maybe by the end of all this you won’t care if it’s good or not. I’ll help keep your mind sharp by reading.

Or, at least that’s what I’m telling myself. Who is my audience? How do I know? In a perfect world, I’d assume it is the millions of people stuck at home right now. With or without kids. This will probably amuse parents more than those without children, just because I’ll be ranting (probably not raving?) about my lovelies.
But, let’s be honest. I may get 5 people (3 of them immediate family members) to actually read this. Hello, family! Love you. Hope to see you face-to-face soon.
I decided to start a blog because I’ve got all this extra time on my hands. And I don’t know how else to occupy my time. So here goes. Let’s talk quarantine. We are all feeling it. Where I’m at in the world, we’ve been in this stay-in-place order for 3 days so far. 3 days out of a minimum 21 or so. Probably more. Day 1- not sure what happened. But everything happened pretty fast. Day 2- still not sure what happened or where the day went. I know I ended my day with a few cocktails. Day 3. Even the dog is feeling quarantine. He sees a squirrel while hanging out on the deck. He cannot go after it. It’s just past his reach, that underground electric collar keeps him close to the house.

I’m supposed to be home-schooling the kids. Giving them a routine and schedule. We used to be the routine-right-down-to-the-minute type family. Now? Now all that has changed. Don’t get me wrong, they are learning things. About the world. About social media and it’s power over us. About how when the snow melts, we can see just how many times the dog did his business. About how to eat whatever I put together for a meal. We have our creative time. Just yesterday we had ‘recess’ and got to go outside for a while. It was great. It felt normal. But we waved at the neighbors and yelled thru the woods at them. Just said hey! Good to see you! That was it.

I’m seeing how other families are ‘killing it’ with this whole thing. I’m not trying to pretend here; I am not. I’m not being a good teacher. I’m not fully engaged with the kids all day. I’m not reading to them, or quizzing them with their algebra or Spanish homework. I can barely find a sharpened pencil in the house to ‘help’ do some math problems. Why can’t they carry the 1 anymore???

So, with this, I want to introduce you to me and my new norm. The family. The lifestyle. I hope to find some readers who can relate to this. If not, you can judge. Judge my lack of structure in this unknown time. Fine by me. But deep down I know you’ve all been here. You may be here right now. You may be in denial. Not ready to come to terms with it? I’m not perfect, and neither are you. This is real life. I do love seeing the perfect family pictures and watching along with your live video as your child hits a homerun and wins the little league game! But for now, I’ll be here. Burning the grilled cheese AND the tomato soup while my kids are watching some random kid play with toys on YouTube.


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